Many of our pupils travel to school using school transport. For more information, or to find out if your child is eligible, please contact Havering Transport on 01708 441 287.

The service operates during term time, collecting children and young people from their homes or agreed collection points, ensuring they arrive on time and ready to learn. In the afternoon, they are collected at home time and returned safely back again.

All drivers and passenger assistants are specially trained to provide transport services for children and young people with SEN.

Eligibility is assessed by:

  • Distance
  • Safety of the route
  • Income
  • Mobility needs

Before applying for travel assistance you must read the full criteria given in the policy document.

School Travel Assistance Policy (Havering) 2022/23


Types of Assistance

Assistance may be given by:

  • The allocation of a place on the school bus
  • Travel training
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses; fuel reimbursement or an oyster card

Assistance in future years

You will be required to complete a new application every year. (April)   Assistance with the costs of home to school/college transport cannot be guaranteed in future years.


If a parent or carer is dissatisfied with the outcome of the application there is an appeals process which is outlined in the policy.



Important Information

If you currently receive transport support and your child's circumstances have not changed, please submit a renewal request online at: /schools_and_education/431/school_support/12

Families whose circumstances have changed or who have not applied previously can submit a new application via the same link. Upon receipt, applications will be assessed, and you will be informed of the decision in writing via email.

Please be aware that the closing date for applications is Friday 26th May 2023. Please be aware that if an application is not received by this date, it will be assumed that your child no longer requires transport support. To avoid any disruption to your child's education in September please submit an application ahead of this deadline  


Should you have any queries relating to travel assistance and/or eligibility, please contact




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