An Inclusive Academy

Our pupils come from a variety of rich cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  We work very hard to ensure that everyone has a sense that they belong to our school community and that everyone is supported in recognising and working to eliminate any bias, prejudice and misconceptions about other people. We are very proud to have a diverse intake of pupils; we learn from each other, and it makes the school the vibrant, exciting place that it is. At Ravensbourne we see each and every learner as an individual who has the potential and the right to succeed at school and we maintain high expectations for all our pupils.

As an inclusive community we are committed to:

  • Challenging discrimination and harassment whenever they occur
  • Promoting equality of access and opportunity both within our school and across the wider community
  • Recognising that diversity enriches us all
  • Promoting positive attitudes to difference between people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, cultures, faiths and capabilities
  • Rigorously analysing our work to ensure no groups of pupils underperform

Special Educational Needs and Disability

All of our learners have a range of complex social, physical, medical and educational needs. We provide an inclusive school environment that ensures that every learner is given the opportunity to develop the skills needed to prepare them for the next stage in their life, regardless of their disability.

We work closely with our children/ young people and their families, as well as with other professionals such as therapists and health visitors, to ensure that our learners thrive and succeed at school.

For more information, please refer to:

‘Special Educational Needs and Disability – A guide for parents and carers’. Advice template (

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