Curriculum Model

Lime Academy Ravensbourne recognises that children and young people with learning difficulties have unique abilities and ways of learning. We provide stimulating and safe learning environments that nurture and maximise the potential of every individual and celebrates their achievements. We recognise the need for firm foundations and strong partnerships, for a challenging and personalised curriculum, enabling all students to make great progress over their school lives.

 Our curriculum aims to:

  • To develop flexible teaching, to go where students are
  • To maximise potential for learning
  • To support students to increase control and influence over their own lives
  • To ensure every student enjoys learning in the school environment and beyond
  • To assure that students feel supported by all partners in making the transition to the next stage of their lives

 Students should leave school:

  • With functional skills and independent thinking and learning skills
  • An effective way to communicate in different contexts
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Able to manage change
  • Able to forge positive relationships with other young people and adults
  • Respecting other cultures, religions and genders
  • Greater independence

Our Academy’s ethos is based around multi-disciplinary working and all professional input is embedded into students’ daily activities.  Personal, social, emotional, physical and communication development have a high profile within our Academy.

 We aim to make our pupils’ experience in school interesting, exciting and challenging.


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